Costa da Caparica

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Ricardo Machado

Costa da Caparica

Places to stay and eat and do at Costa da Caparica

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My Recommendations

Image - Lisbon Private Transfer To Or From Costa Da Caparica_157151
$ 38
Lisbon Private Transfer To Or From Costa Da Caparica
Ricardo:Skip the impersonal taxi drivers and try the transfer to Costa de Caparica
Image - Sentido do Mar
Sentido do Mar
Ricardo:Food is awesome. Known by it's sushi with an amazing view to the sea.
Image - Marcelino Beach Club
Marcelino Beach Club
Ricardo:Has Vegan Food, best burger menu in town, Surf Classes given by a competion athlete and one of the best sunsets you can get in the ocean horizon.
Image - TRYP Lisboa Caparica Mar Hotel
TRYP Lisboa Caparica Mar Hotel
Ricardo:Best Hotel to stay in Costa da Caprica with all you will need
Image - Hotel Aldeia dos Capuchos Golf & SPA
Hotel Aldeia dos Capuchos Golf & SPA
Ricardo:Excelent Hotel to stay near Costa da Caparica
Image - Paraiso Bar - Activities Hoteleiras Lda
Paraiso Bar - Activities Hoteleiras Lda
Ricardo:Nice place to eat sushi and have a drink by the sea.
Image - Leblon São João
Leblon São João
Ricardo:Excelent restaurant to eat with bare feet in the sand. Planning on getting married in Costa da Caparica? Leblon with handle it for you.
Image - Albatroz
Ricardo:Not the best service, but you can watch the best sunsets with a view to Lisbon where Tagus river meets the ocean with fish and wine.
Image - O Mercado
O Mercado
Ricardo:Food is awesome, family restaurant where you can't go wrong. Waiters are super caring and friendly.
Image - O Barbas
O Barbas
Ricardo:Most known restaurant in Costa da Caparica. Owner is a superfan of Benfica and all decoration are around of the biggest football club in Portugal.
Image - Pizzaria Verde e Amarelo
Pizzaria Verde e Amarelo
Ricardo:This restaurant is well know for it's amazing pizzas and sushi. Either groups or Sunday meal with a the family. Informal restaurant where you can eat well at a fair price.
Image - cantino transmontano
cantino transmontano
Ricardo:Traditional food from the north of Portugal. Servings are huge and super tasty. Family environment.
Image - Warm Up Bar
Warm Up Bar
Ricardo:This is where you go for a drink in Costa da Caparica after dinner. Live music, jam sessions, and loads of alcoholic beverages to have after dinner.
Image - Fresh Coffee Bar
Fresh Coffee Bar
Ricardo:Place to have a drink after or during the afternoon. Occasionally live music.
Image - Ali Grelha
Ali Grelha
Ricardo:Cheap grilled chicken
Image - Warung Coffee Shop
Warung Coffee Shop
Ricardo:Super Healthy food quiosq. Grab bowls of acai, tons of fresh vegetables and super tasty fruits. Your healthy choice.
Image - Ahoy Coffee&Bar
Ahoy Coffee&Bar
Ricardo:Your healthy food place. Super tasty healthy options
Image - Dona Tosta - Snack Bar, Lda
Dona Tosta - Snack Bar, Lda
Ricardo:Toasts toast and more toast with several options to choose from. Best toasts in town. Acaí bowls are big and tasty too. Closes around 5-6 PM
Image - TascaRica
Ricardo:Tapas Tapas Tapas everywhere... and tasty ones 😛
Image - Restaurante Napoli
Restaurante Napoli
Ricardo:Crazy for Italian food? This is where you go in Costa da Caparica.
Image - Apeixonado
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Wanderguide map

  1. Lisbon Private Transfer To Or From Costa Da Caparica
  2. Sentido do Mar
  3. Marcelino Beach Club
  4. TRYP Lisboa Caparica Mar Hotel
  5. Hotel Aldeia dos Capuchos Golf & SPA
  6. Paraiso Bar - Activities Hoteleiras Lda
  7. Leblon São João
  8. Albatroz
  9. O Mercado
  10. O Barbas
  11. Pizzaria Verde e Amarelo
  12. cantino transmontano
  13. Warm Up Bar
  14. Fresh Coffee Bar
  15. Ali Grelha
  16. Pé Nú Beach Club
  17. Lorosae Rising Sun - Beach Club
  18. Warung Coffee Shop
  19. Ahoy Coffee&Bar
  20. Dona Tosta - Snack Bar, Lda
  21. TascaRica
  22. Restaurante Napoli
  23. Apeixonado

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